The Forest & The Sea

by Pyrenees

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"The Forest & The Sea" is a history divided in chapters, a narration placed in thesurroundings of a lush forest that rises at the edge of the sea and is gradually moving away to bring us a world where nature is the only law in force. Pyrenees' first album is the musical description and interpretation of the several sections of the book with the same name, written by Marston Bates, a north-american zoologist that began his literarycarreer with this treatise published in 1960, an adventure told in first person whichguides us among different natural scenarios, teaches us about the special features of species never seen before and manages to compare this mentioned richness with the fluctuations and economic counterpoint of our modern society.
Jeremias Carroza bought a copy of this book for only a pound in an antique shop in London, and began his lecture last summer in Barcelona, in his Calella hometown. He then set out, with the inspiration, on a route through Extremadura and Andalucía.Pyrenees found himself reading and composing in a passionate way, while the inspiration managed to create each chord, harmony and motivation of the album,creating a thin conexion between the sounds that came from his head and the experiences of the Bates travels. After all, this is "The Forest & The Sea", a testimony of an era in which notes were growing bright, organical and the melodic lines rosedirectly from the warmest and most unknown land.
“The Study Of Life” emerges from the deep to start a trip in which the selvatic howls and the melodic reveries come together with vintage-textured batteries, the primal-House influence and the post-Rave state of mind, creating atmospheric and epic lines that remind us so much of the charisma learned in Detroit as well as the spirit of UK-Techno, cemented by labels such as A.R.T. or artists like B12, Kirk Degiorgio, Link or Ian O’Brien. “The Living World & Rain Forest” combines House-step percussions and structure with a bright and multi- cellular development, behaving like a way of life that is finding its essence between natural environs. “The Open Sea” expands the vision and the trip, with refreshing notes and a colorful collage of sounds, samples and sensitive batteries.
“Woodland, Savanna & Desert” traverses the driest landscapes, noticing a Jazz influence, especially in the percussions and a cosmic attitude in his approach, ascending and clearly evocative, as well as “Units Of Life”, core track with which Pyrenees hypnotizes the listener with a magic combination of elements brought from the most primitive Club memory, outfitted with the savage exoticness of his bundle and the crepuscular melody which is once again born straight from the underground. The weird beauty of “The Natural History Of Disease” serves as a prelude for “Animal Behaviour”, track clearly IDM-rooted in which Pyrenees puts into practice his highest experimental doses and influence merges, structuring a retail work full of analogical organisms and vocal flashes.
“Man’s Place In Nature” incorporates the acoustic factor and once again, breaks of deep and sensual percussion, making way for the “The Rain Forest” Club Edit, an oscillation that sails comfortable and safely between a House-oriented beat, synthesizer fluctuations, and ecologic DNA sound molecules. The end is written by the lush “Backyard Exploration”, a climax in which the reunion of influences reaches its maximum height, managing to reactivate our memory between a limited and distinctive sound palette, making a tribute to the past, exploring it and reinventing it to look into the future.



released March 12, 2012



all rights reserved


ensmble Palma, Spain

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